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Eray ÖGE
CTO at, Co Founder at FlexyPORT
Istanbul, Turkey | Internet

Significant experience over Information Technologies. Project oriented and quality conscious industrial discipline. Working on IT projects, since 2001.

High experience about e-commerce life-cycles and projects.

Transforming business requirements and demands to high-level projects by creating solutions on Information Technology.

Have a clear vision to plan on developing career over business management.

Specialties: Project Management knowledge and experience,
Good knowledge about managing web based projects and managing e-commerce projects,
High experience on Software Technologies like, C#, Sql, xml, xhtml, css, xsl etc.

Co Founder (2014 - Present)
Public Company, 2-10, İnternet
CTO (2013 - Present)
Public Company, 11-50, İnternet

Managing project management, software development (web & mobile), QA teams and processes.
Managing R&D processes
Developing new ideas to align company vision and technological infrastructure
Managing development vision of company
Analysing and planning the system & network infrastructure
Managing one of the most hard-working and genius team in the World

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